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Guessing To Know You The Awesome New Party Game

Guessing To Know You is the new game perfect for parties and get togethers.

Modern Card Game

Family Game

Perfect For Parties

How Guessing To Know You Came Into Existence

"Guessing to know you," was born out of the spur of the moment. We had friends over for a games evening and we were bored with all our old games. I just thought of about 30 questions, and wrote them on a scrap of paper, and tried it out on our friends. Thank goodness they all thought it was such a funny game, it sparked off so many interesting and sometimes naughty stories. Our friends encouraged us to market the game as they thought we talked about things that we would never have discussed had it not been for Guessing to know you!!! No one was left out of the conversation, and we all knew each other so much better. We now take the game to restaurants, pubs, and holidays, where you can play for 10 minutes or 2 hours, it's a great way to break the ice and have a fun evening.

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Some Of Our Reviews

Nickie - "This is just the best game ever - my friends and family have played it several times and always end up laughing out loud and learning so much about each other (interpret that how you like!) - it’s brilliant and so easy to play."

Caroline - "What a great game to play with friends. Gets everyone joining in hilarious conversations which are likely to reveal a lot about people you thought you knew!"

Some Of Our Reviews

Alison - "The things we never knew about our friends and would never have guessed. A great conversation starter no matter how well you think you know your friends. You will have lots of laughs playing Guessing to know you."

Rachel - "It gets you talking! The perfect after dinner game with family and friends! It gets you talking and laughing in seconds. We love it!"

Nick - "A Real Winner. I have played this game with family and friends - it's a real winner! We laughed out loud and learnt so much about each other (even some secrets!) Easy to play, fun to play and a perfect after dinner game.
Just Buy it!"

Buy Guessing To Know You Today And Get Your Party Started

Grab your cards, gather your family and friends, and get ready to play the most entertaining and hilarious card game you've ever experienced. Let's dive into the laughter and the guessing – because with "Guessing To Know You," every card is a new adventure!

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